Полину смело можно назвать исследователем в мире трайбла, она обожает экспериментировать с музыкой, образом и различными стилями танца, вкладывая во всё это свою душу и позитивную энергетику. Сейчас Полинаявляется одной из ведущих российских танцовщиц и преподавателей стиля Tribal fusion и ITS. Вместе со своей группой J-Team она принимает участие во всевозможных мероприятиях в России и Ближнем зарубежье.
Трайбл фьюжн Полины Шандариной отличается динамичным и энергичным исполнением. В ее танце присутствует не только классика трайбла, но и такие танцевальные стили, как рок-н-ролл и классическая хореография, а особенно хип-хоп.



 Moscow, Russia

WS 1 "You don't like cats? You just do not know how to cook them!"
Just imagine that dancing is a simple and understandable recipe that absolutely any dancer will cope with. The main thing is the correct use of ingredients. Today, for example, we will be preparing something very fat-burning.
For cooking, we will need:
- basic movements of the tribal fusion, - several passes and turns, - smoothness and clarity in the movements, - a bit of hip-hop, - the ability to hear music, - a drop of speed and a pinch of patience.
Mix all the ingredients and ... voila! The dish is ready!
P.S. Do not forget to add a little bit of positive to taste;)

2 hours  |  6 May  |  17:00-19:00

WS 2 "Human-Orchestra"
Have you ever seen how an orchestra works? Each musician has his own role, his instrument, his own party. Each of them knows when to enter, and when to finish. Musicians use all sorts of interesting techniques, and often even several rhythms that miraculously resonate with each other, creating something delicious - music! And now imagine that you are a human-orchestra, and you can simultaneously play two, three or even four instruments at once. Your hips beat the drum roll, your fingers go through the strings on the guitar, and your shoulders follow the violin melodies. Presented? Then let's start creating our masterpiece. "

2 hours  |  6 May  |  14:15-16:15