Violet Scrap started her journey in oriental dancing at the age of 18, finally feeding a lifelong desire. Few months later she's already mixing it up with hip hop, another one of her passions; this will bring her in contact with the Tribal Fusion style, that will be the everlasting love that changed her life ever since. After a couple of years of self-teaching, she starts studying with any big name coming close enough, such as Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Manca Pavli, Ariellah Aflalo, Kami Liddle, Heather Stants, Cera Byer and more. She collaborated with various musicians, such as Filastine, the jazzists Quentin E. Baxter and Lafayette Harris Jr., and performs steadily with the world music groups Groowa Circus and Cardiac Rhythm. She teaches and dances around the world, taking pictures here and there.




Flow is the moment in wich you’re challenged at the activity that you’re doing and have complete autonomy in the task you’re conducting at the same time.” A pretty sweet state if you ask me. And achieving it is one of the goals of a dancer's carreer. In this workshop, we will go through different paths to discover the ways and possibilities of exploring intention and movement qualities.

2 hours  |  6 May  |  10:15-12:15

Digging through the extremes of beauty (long lines, delicacy, control) and beastly (angled lines, aggression, instinct), on one side to get over commonplaces, on the other to extend the possibilities of the body. Final combo to complement the two sides of the coin.

3 hours  |  8 May  |  11:00-14:00